by No Warning Shot

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released October 29, 2014



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No Warning Shot Bristol, UK

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Track Name: Bring New Life
We’re back and against the world, it’s time to bring it home, take it back – let’s go!
We’re shouting loud and the message is clear, you gotta bring new life to this ghost
YOU CAN’T KILL WHAT WON’T DIE! Destroy the body but the spirit survives
We’ve got the numbers and we’re willing to fight as tonight we bring new life
Track Name: Dictate
Behind a screen you’re talking shit – counterfeit
You’re empty words don’t mean a thing grow up you fucking bitch
You’ll be exposed for all of this – counterfeit
Your boring life must be a drag but you’ll get over it

You are a fucking contradiction and I can’t help but laugh
So talk your shit but no one listens, just talk you down behind your back

Behind a screen you have so much to say and everyone’s a villain when they don’t know your name
But they pick up the scent the page is erased, the mistake is misplaced and there isn’t a trace
But I recognise that blank expression across your face!

You’re lying through your teeth, preaching your empathy
You’re world is pathetic and weak, don’t talk shit bitch, you don’t know me
Dictate to your dead scene on your pedestal with your cocaine queen
If you’d die for your beliefs you’ll be dying in your sleep it’s all a fucking pipe dream

Stuff the next fix up in your nose and the self-righteous bullshit flows from your throat
But your preachings are flawed and you don’t even know, do your homework, kid, before you unload
The chemical reaction is your true compassion and not all living things!


So this is your legacy, immortal fantasy, it’s such a tragedy; pathetic fucking drama queen
Behind a computer, safely where no one sees, you’ll be exposed bitch, trust me

Fuck your hopes and your beliefs, just shut the fuck up and die
Track Name: Fuck The Apathy
This is our mission, we’re not trying to glorify the past
We just can’t accept the fact that so many turned their back, you’re like sheep in a herd, taught how to dress and act
This is no eulogy, no fucking ‘Epitaph’
Because it never died, just got pushed aside, the media sucks you dry, as you’re standing in line

Don’t be fooled by the hype, follow your heart and live your life
The seasons change so fast as all the clones just stand in line
And when you think you’re winning, you’re just being left behind
Clone of a clone, of a clone, of a clone. I’ve seen it all a thousand times

Don’t throw your dreams away, don’t let them tell you what they think you should be
We’re living in desperate times, don’t trade your love for a bullshit fantasy
You’ve got a friend in me, so raise your glass this one’s for unity
We’re still here after so many years, don’t ever give up, fuck this apathy

It breaks my fucking heart, this generation is so misguided
A fantasy in a pretty, pretty world, full of pretty, pretty boys and pretty, pretty girls
Kept sheltered from the truth, what you don’t know will not hurt you
But we will not live like that it’s No Warning Shot and we’re bringing the fight back

Not for ambition, no aspirations for fame or greed
Just fun and friendship; a real reason to believe
We got something to live for and it’s inside you and me
Don’t change your ways with changing days, don’t be sucked in by what they say

This shit is fucking sickening, like cancer underneath my skin
I suffocate, deteriorate, I’m losing faith in everything
‘But ten years we stood side by side’
‘I won’t forget you saved my life’
‘Let’s light that shit and blaze all night’
No warning shot is still alive!
Track Name: They Give You Nothing
Stuck with your back against the wall, held down by their abuse you’ve got no hope at all
Seems like we’ve been here before, so fuck them, it’s time to take your life back, take a stand and watch them fall
Down to the ground

Don’t fucking trust them, they give you nothing
Spoon fed their bullshit until you are just like them
But we are the ones they don’t want you to see
Retribution will come, but in yourself you must believe

They’ve got the blueprints of who you’re supposed to be
And they will beat you down until you fit in
You’ll never get back the days that pass you by
So break the chain, don’t play the game, live your fucking life for yourself
Open your eyes

Tonight we’ll destroy everything, tear down these walls and rebuild them again
We’ll do away with false faith and ignore what they preach, did every motherfucker here forget how to speak?
Stand up, don’t let them get a grip, don’t think they give a shit, don’t lose yourself, don’t believe a fucking word of it
It’s time for us to fight, look in your heart and fight, side by side we can take over tonight
No Warning Shot – GO!
Track Name: Dead Friend
As your lies come crashing down around you, do you find it hard to breath?
Suffocated by anxiety? As you lose the trust of friendships built on deceit
We tried to save your life but you showered us with lies
We tried to save a friend and now we’re screaming PLEASE DIE
Nothing will wash away the stains that your falsehoods have left behind
We were blind to the truth, a social climber with a lot to prove
That’s all we were to you? Token friends used for an ego boost?

The lies you told from day one are haunting you and the trust is gone
Now all is lost and nothing gained, you have no one, there’s no one left to blame
But you’ll never feel ashamed, people like you never do

So we scatter the ash, soon to forget as we lay this fucking liar to rest
Why couldn’t you just be yourself? DEAD FRIEND!
Track Name: We Still Believe
The kids are searching for something to believe in, but you’re giving them nothing and I see no reason
To trust in something that changes like the seasons, there’s no fucking message and the sound is so conditioned

But we still believe in the songs of yesterday
Holding our ground we mean every single word we say
A call for peace, a cry for unity
We still believe it means that much to me

I sit and think where did the desperation go? We trade passion for front seat tickets to a fashion show
Blind to the truth, it’s like you don’t want them to know, just talk of money, fame, the perfect way to sell your soul

These are the songs that liberate our lives, gave us a reason to fight and a passion that still burns inside
And in my eyes there’s no better time, we still have to fight, stand up for what you know is right
Eyes glued to a stage where there’s nothing to believe, you’re all fucked up and fake!
Teachings of lust, fame and greed have no place
Take a look and see, we can still make a change and it starts with you and me

Money talks for bullshit tours, you’re overlooking the truth and fighting no cause
We’ve gotta tear down the stage, end this fashion parade
And give them something to believe in